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Advantages of a phenolic board

What are the advantages of a phenolic board?
Xuzhou Mega’s phenolic boards offer a range of benefits such as:

Long-lasting – Each board has a shelf life of more than 2-5 years.
Durability – Apart from being water-resistant, phenolic boards are also resistant to fire, cracks, scratches and graffiti, and can be used for both wet and dry applications.
Safe to use – Phenolic panels are non-porous and non-microbial, and resist mold, bacteria, fungi and mildew.
Aesthetic build – The phenolic film lends each board a smooth, shiny and glossy surface, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. This can also reduce the need and cost for further beautification.
Recyclability – Each phenolic board can be reused and repurposed to satisfy other purposes.

phenolic boards are completely water-proof, using Phenol Formaldehyde glue to laminate the poplar sheets to make it safe and water resistant. The concrete does not stick to their surface. Edges are sealed with acrylic paint to avoid absorption of moisture. Available in 3/4 size only.

Film: Finland Dynea film

Glue: 20+ hour specialty glue, 72 hour phenolic WBP glue

Core: Eucalyptus Hardwood
Size: 1220 * 2440 * 18mm

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