Xuzhou Mega Industries High Quality China Plywood Manufacturer

Baltic Birch 3/4″ x 5′ x 10′ Plywood MADE IN CHINA

Also called multi-layer plywood, Russian birch or baltic birch plywood includes more sheets (or layers), that are also thinner than traditional plywood. The multi-layer plywood is made entirely of birch which is a hardwood. These characteristics give it strong rigidity and excellent stability. It is a material most appropriate to make furniture, shelves, jigs, and all kinds of items requiring intensive use. Baltic birch plywood is therefore of superior quality and is much more rigid than traditional plywood which is usually composed of softwood leaves (such as spruce, poplar, pine or fir). The baltic birch comes from northern Europe or the Baltic countries.

With a BB/BB grade, Baltic Birch plywood has 2 uniform sides. Only a few knots and patches are allowed. Open splits, knot holes and double patches have been replaced with small oval or round veneer pieces, similar in color to the panel color.

Note that the wood grain is across the width of 5 feet.

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