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Phenolic Plywood is common Eastern European or Scandinavian Birch plywood (EURO Birch or Baltic Birch) bonded with waterproof phenol resin adhesive and overlaid on both sides with the phenol film (grade F/F).


Overlaying Colors Available: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Green, Black, Red.

film faced plywood panels are suitable for furniture and cabinets, children’s furniture, millwork, durable work surfaces, restaurants, concrete forming, tooling and jigs and the transportation industry.

Environmentally friendly, durable, workable, hygienic, no odor, easy to clean, tough, water-proof, and resists commonly used chemicals.

Basic plywood is bonded with a phenol resin adhesive resistant to weather and boiling water, and meets the requirements of the following standards:

BS 6566 Part 8 / type WBP
EN 314-2 / 3rd class
DIN 68705 Part 3 / type BFU 100
SFS 2415 / type EXT
In accordance with the standards EN 717 Part 2 formaldehyde emission meets the Class E1 requirements and the Class A in accordance with EN 1084.

A smooth phenol film, which is hot-pressed onto the surface, is used as an overlay.

Edges of the panels may be matched with the face against absorption of moisture by using acrylic paint, or the edges may be unsealed showing multi-ply edge depending on customer’s request.

Overlaying surface is smooth, glossy and hard. It withstands abrasion, is moisture-resistant, and resists commonly used chemicals, dilute acids, and alkalis. The surface is easy to clean with water or a steam wash. Abrasion-resistant according to the Taber test (EN 438-2). Will fade after prolonged exposure to weather elements.

Phenolic plywood, also known as film faced plywood, is imported from Finland or the Baltic countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, etc.

Wiremesh (anti-slip) exterior plywood coated with phenolic film

Anti-slip exterior plywood is coated with phenolic film with a net imprint. That gives the plywood anti-slip properties. Anti-slip surface can be applied on one or both sides of the sheet.

Areas of useplatformsscaffoldingstransportation industry (flooring of means of transport – trailers and semitrailers)playgrounds
Raw materials used for productionhardwood (birch, elder), softwood (spruce, pine)water resistant glue based on phenol-formaldehyde resinphenolic film (density: 145 g/m²÷150 g/m² or other, subject to prior agreement with the customer, color: non-transparent dark brown or other, agreed with the customer)wiremesh imprint on one or both sides
Protection of edgesacrylic water-based paint, color brown or other, subject to prior agreement with the customer
Standard formats1550mmx1550/2250/2500/2700/3000/3300 mmother formats subject to prior agreement with the customer
Dimension toleranceaccording to PN-EN 315 or other, subject to prior agreement with the customer
Technical characteristicsdensity: 600-800 [kg/m³]moisture content: 4-10 [%]boding quality according to PN-EN 314-2 grade IIIformaldehyde emission class: E1 according to PN-EN 636
Additional servicesCNC-maschiningprotection from bio-corrosion by applying fungicide gluing substancecutting to smaller formatsprinting client’s logotype on phenolic film

China MEGAPLEX Film Faced Marine Plywood

China Film Faced Marine Plywood

  • MEGAPLEX – Premium Quality Brown Film faced hard wood (18mmx4x8)
  • megaplyPlex – Brown film Premium Quality Hard wood (18mmx4x8)
  • Goldenmegaplex – Poplar core/Brown Film faced Plywood (18mmx4x8)
  • xuzhouPlex – Finger joint/Recycle film faced plywood (18mmx4x8)

China Poplar Core Film Faced Plywood

poplar core film faced plywood is a kind of fim faced plywood made up of poplar wood(poplar veneer).this kind of film faced plywood is relatively lower stanrdand of the quality.it is usually used in construction buildings.


(1). Color of film: black color / brown color

(2). Grade: A/A grade , B/B grade and Economical grade

(3). Origin of film: imported film (Dynea brand or Stora Enso brand) / China local film

(4). Core: poplar

(5). Grade of the core: AA grade, A+ grade, A grade, B+ grade, B grade, C+ grade (don’t supply C grade)

(6). Glue: MR glue, WBP(melamine), WBP(phenolic)

(7). Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm,1500X3000mm or as per your requirement

(8). Thickness: 4mm-30mm

(9). Packing: Standard seaworthy packing.


(1). The appearance of A/A grade looks good. The appearance of B/B grade still looks satisfying . The appearance of economical grade is acceptable .

(2). The poplar film faced plywood is very flat and smooth .

(3). The grade of core varies from high grade (A+ or A grade) to low grade (C+ grade) . The quality of C grade core film faced plywood can not be guaranteed , so we don’t supply C grade core film faced plywood.

(4). The poplar core veneers can be whole piece core veneers(A+ grade, A grade) , medium size core veneers (B+ grade, B grade) and small size core veneers (C+ grade) .

(5). The inner quality of poplar film faced plywood varies from best quality to economical quality .

(6). A/A grade Poplar film faced plywood is cheaper than A/A grade birch/hardwood film faced plywood. So we can say that poplar film faced plywood is good quality and economical .

China Eucalyptus Film Faced Plywood

The plywood from China is mainly produced from Poplar and Eucalyptus veneer. After calibrating it is overlaid with a phenolic film. The film faced plywood can have various layer build-ups as well as different types of film color (brown or black) and different surface finishing (smooth or wiremesh). The main product is the Poplar core with a brown or black phenolic film. In view of the value for money relation is it a very attractive product. Please contact us as well for FSC® certified options. Key Facts Build-up Poplar, Eucalyptus, or a combination of both Glue Bonding EN-314-2, Class 2 Moisture content EN-322, ca. 8% – 12% Density Poplar = ca. 550 kg/m3 Combi = ca 675 kg/m3 Eucalyptus = ca. 800 kg/m3 Tolerances EN-315 Squareness: 1mm/m1 Width and Length: ± 3.5mm Nominal thickness: minimum = t – (0.4 + 0.03t) and maximum = t + (0.2 + 0.03t)

AS 6669 STANDARD F17 Grade Plywood (MADE IN CHINA)

F17 Grade Plywood 

      F17 Grade Plywood is a type of film faced plywood that is used in Australia. The F17 Grade Plywoodis the number one in world building industry. This standard is benchmark standards. It should have a stress grading of F17. The panel sheet should be made with hardwood and A-Bond, which is good phenol glue for the bonding.

F17 Grade Plywood Features and advantage

1 flexible, inexpensive, workable and re-usable

2 resistance to cracking, shrinkage, splitting, and twisting/warping, used instead of plain wood

3  high degree of strength and very hard to bend

18mm film faced plywood( finger joint core)

NameBrown shuttering plywood outdoor usage
Core:Poplar, Combi, Hardwood, Birch,Butt and Finger Joint Core
Film colorDynea/Chinese Brown, Black, Red
Thickenss6-25mmGlueMr,Melamine, WBP
Recyle time5-30 timesTolerance+/-0.5mm

China Best quality Recycled Film Faced Plywood (Finger Joint Core Film Faced Plywood)

Recycled  Film Faced Plywood (Finger Joint Core Film Faced Plywood)

what is recycled  film faced plywood?

    Recycled film faced plywood uses processed used plywood  as middle core and applies fresh veneer layers on top and bottom of recycled middle core to be pressed
into 1 new sheet of plywood. It was created by Chinese plywood producers about 8  years ago to meet global buyers’ demand.

      There are four types of Film Faced Plywood produced by us .These Four Types of Film Faced Plywood correspond to different grades and prices. Each Type of Film Faced Plywood has its own unique characteristics and usage occasions. Customers can choose different plywood according to their needs.

    SO why people tend to choose the Recycled film faced plywood ?There are mainly 2 reasons;

    1. very cheap price
   2. once used  the Recycled film faced plywood can be just thrown away (especially in Europe)

     There  are two techneques to produce the recycled film faced plywood,one is finger joint core  film faced plywood ,the other is strip core .

Recycled  Film Faced Plywood features

 Product Name: Recycled film faced plywood
 Core Species: finger joint core,strip core 
 Film:Brown,Black,Red,Green,and so on.
 Glue:WBP Melamine 
the Recycled film faced plywood Can be About 1-4 repeated using times according to formwork application projects.
You can get  the details of the Poplar Core Film Faced Plywood from the table below

Recycled film faced plywood  Advantages:

1. Recycled film faced plywood is the cheapest product type in global formwork panels2. It can be used 2-6 times According to the condition.

3. It saves wood forest resources by turning used plywood into new plywood

finger joint core FILM FACED PLYWOOD (CHINA)

Film faced plywood (Chinese origin). 1220x2440x20mm, black film faced, MR glue, B/C class. We prdouce finger joint core film faced plywood. We offer 1220x2440x20 and 18mm. Avarage thickness of 20mm panels is 19,5mm in a pallet. Many companies sell 20mm but thickness of panels in pallet is 15-19mm. our joint core ffp is very good option for cheap film faced plywood.


Dimensions: 2440 x 1220 x 21/20/18 [mm]
Base: Finger joint core, 2+2 poplar veneer on both sides
Poplar core/ Finger joint core
Glue: MR
Color: BLACK
Covering: Chinese black film 120g./m2
Quality: B/C grade
Weight: 33 Kg/piece
Package: 45/50 sheets in pallet. Plywood package

China Finger Joint Core (recycled) film faced plywood

Finger Joint Core (recycled) film faced plywood is made by used plywood parts. Composed by a machine and all that sanded. Than 2 new veneer plies used on both sides. And filmed after that. The finger joint core plywood has same outside view as the poplar core but in most panels you can meet sand and concrete and quality is very poor. You can use 2-5 times.


Dimensions: 2440 x 1220 x 18 [mm]

Color: brown – export option
Covering: Dynea 240g/m2
Quality: А/А grade
Weight: 32-33 kg/piece