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China Pro Form Film Faced Plywood for Europe and North America

Pro Form Film Faced Plywood is made of high quality tropical hardwood with Phenolic glue for superior strength. Pro Form is a preferred Film Faced Plywood in markets like Europe and North America.

Why Pro Form?

Pro Form takes quality to another level. XUZHOU MEGA Pro Form Film Faced Plywood is preferred by Top 5 Formwork companies in the world. Made with high density hardwood and phenolic glue, Pro Form is very durable and complies to market requirements in Europe and North America.

What is Film Faced Plywood?

Film Faced Plywood is made from plywood that is strengthened with cross-wise structure. Film Faced Plywood is often used for formwork and shuttering purposes. Coated with 100% phenolic film, Film Faced Plywood will withstand many repetitions of concrete pouring while sustaining smooth concrete quality.

What is important in choosing Film Faced Plywood?

Key decision factors of Film Faced Plywood are its species, film coating, and repetition. These factors will determine how durable the panels will be, and the concrete surface they produce.


XUZHOU MEGA is a mill in XUZHOU,CHINA with well-known reputation of over 30 years. XUZHOU MEGA is also familiar with many standards and timber regulations that will make your journey consuming these panels easier. Over the past year, XUZHOU MEGA maintains 99% satisfaction rates. It is also familiar with multi-modal shipping that will deliver XUZHOU,CHINA plywood to you fast, cheap, and safe. XUZHOU MEGA is supplier of Top 5 Formwork companies in the world.

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