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SPRUNG BED SLATS are wooden bent glued products in the form of arched slats which are used as flexible elements of a bed basis. Furniture with a slatted basis is characterized by durability, flexibility and sensitivity to user’s movements. The slatted base increases the service life and comfort of the mattress, absorbing most of the load and weight on your bed. We offer high-quality bed slats – made of natural beech or birch veneer.

width38, 53, 68mm
thickness8, 10, 12mm
radius R3,8m; 4,5m; 6m;
weight 1 cub. m820 kg

PURPOSE AND TYPES OF SLATS: The orthopedic bed slats are designed for beds and sofas of various designs. We offer the most common slat formats: width from 38 mm to 68 mm, several bending radius, made of beech or birch veneer. The furniture manufacturer has the opportunity to determine which format slats it can use in its products. Do not forget about the mounting on which the slats are mounted: (you can order plastic caps from our partners). We guarantee the quality of the coating, compliance with shapes and sizes, strength and durability.

PROPERTIES AND PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION: The sprung slat is a flexible element of a bed or sofa design. The curved shape of the product creates a “spring” effect and enhances the orthopedic properties of the mattress. The transverse elements are bent only where the body lines require it, thus allowing to take a physiologically correct position of the spine.
One bed slat supports loading up to 60 kg.

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