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Coniferous Plywood Elliottis C+/C ,CDX Pine plywood China (Pine veneer from Brazil and Uruguay ,new zealand,Russia )

Coniferous plywood elliottis is produced from the veneer of coniferous wood, specifically the Elliottis pine found primarily in Brazil. The sheets are glued with a phenol-formaldehyde glue. It differs from birch plywood mainly by the thicker veneer and smaller number of layers. Very wide variety of uses; in building construction for wall formwork, as well as roofing, creation of partition walls in living spaces, fences of construction sites, flooring, single-use formwork, as well as in form of packaging and pallets. On top of that coniferous plywood is often used in roofing work as it is highly resistant to molding. Coniferous plywood has a beautiful surface structure and recently has become a favorite material for interior work.


Beautiful wood texture
Durability with minimal weight
High water-resistance
Fast montage and easy processing
Possibility to combine with other materials

Standard sizes, length х width, mm (ft) 2500×1250 (8×4)
2440×1220 (8×4)
Thickness, mm 9-30
Surface type Outer layers sanded (S2S), un-sanded (NS)
Grade A, B, C, C+, D
Formaldehyde Emission Class Е1
Water-resistance Resistant
Density, kg/m3 477-614
Moisture content, % 6-12
Produced under EN 13986

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