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Environmental protection  


Xuzhou Mega Industries is fully committed in the protection and sustainability of the environment. All our suppliers are carefully selected and proper checks have been carried out to ensure that all raw materials supplied by our suppliers can be traced to legally, responsibly managed and sustainable forests. Xuzhou Mega Industries will do her part in ensuring that illegal wood products be removed from her supply chain.

Xuzhou Mega Industries will NOT BE directly or indirectly involved in any activities that promotes illegal trade in forest products, any violations of traditional and human rights, destructive forestry activities or any other activities that is not in accordance with the country’s laws and regulations.

We have maintained accurate chain of custody records for purchases and sales of wood based panel products for our records and check.

We visit all our suppliers regularly to discuss on environmental issues and changes to relevant legislation. Xuzhou Mega Industries  is also FSC and EUTR Certified and we will continue to meet all our environmental commitments and to ensure traceability and accountability of our forest products.

We are pleased to inform, Xuzhou Mega Industries has been awarded the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification on August 2017.

Xuzhou Mega Industries  is always considering the environmental protection and continuable development as one of the most important strategies. Hence, various measures have been undertaken to make the materials recycled.

Poplar, as a growing-fast plantation, is the major material of our products, it’s planting and cuts are of reasonable arrangement, confirms to the international environmental protection requirement and continuable development.

We separate wood, paper, metal after production, for recycling purpose, re-use it as packing, foot padding, and so on..
The formaldehyde emission of all our products comply with national standard, as well as the international requirement of export today.

We are also doing our effort to provide a safe and enjoyable working environment for our staff..

We are actively participating in the certificates relevant to environment, such as FSC,EUTR,CARB EPA ,ISO ,CE2+, ect.. Hope can return back more to the society by doing them.

For more information on our chain of custody, kindly e-mail to Miss Lisa at info@meijiawoodproducts.com