Xuzhou Mega Industries High Quality China Plywood Manufacturer

Face Veneered Lumber Core Blockboard

Xuzhou Mega is one of the leading blockboard manufacturer located in Peixian ,China ,producing chinese Face Veneered Lumber Core Blockboard for domestic markets and exporting .

Blockboard is a wood based panel, made up of a core of softwood strips glued together. The strips may be up to about 28mm wide and are placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of softwood, hardwood or thin MDF or particleboard, glued under high pressure.
The internal strips are generally made of light weight poplar wood or spruce.

Blockboard is used to make doors, tables, shelves, paneling and partition walls. It is normally used for interior usages, due to the type of glues used. To achieve maximum strength, it is important to ensure that the core runs lengthways. Blockboard (also called lumber core) has very good screw holding and can be considered as solid wood; it has a good resistance to warping.

Blockboard panels are produced in 3-layers, with one veneer sheet (or thin MDF or particlebaord) covering each side, or 5-layers with two veneer sheets per side for better stability.

Most common sizes in blockboard are: 2070x5200mm (german size), 1850x3660mm (italian size), 1220x2440mm (chinese size).
Available thicknesses are between 13mm and 60mm.

Blockboard may be purchased with a variety of applied finishes such as wood veneers, melamine paper and plastic laminate surfaces.