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Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified CHINESE Top – Anti-slip plywood for flooring

Top is an anti-slip plywood with a phenolic film overlaid birch plywood panel. High visual quality and wear-resistant surface makes Top extremely durable anti-slip plywood for flooring.

Top anti-slip plywood is an ideal panel for applications that require visual high quality wear-resistant surfaces:

Transport industry: Vehicle floors (trailer flooring, truck flooring, van flooring, bus flooring etc.), train flooring, ship decking, transport platforms etc.
Building applications: Working platforms, scaffolding, stages, warehouse and factory hall floors, loading docks, pedestrian bridges, warehouse.

The patterned phenolic film surface is semi-glossy, hard and resistant to impact and abrasion. The phenolic film is also applied to the reverse side which is smooth or wire mesh. The Metsä Wood Top has a raised round surface pattern. Standard film colour is dark brown. The phenol film is not UV resistant and depending on the overlay type the colour may change if exposed to sunlight over prolonged periods.

Surface properties
The surface of the anti-slip plywood is hard and resistant to abrasion and rolling wear. The surface is also moisture resistant and can tolerate commonly used chemicals as well as diluted acids and alkalis. The surface is easy to clean with water or steam.

Birch’s major advantages
There are several advantageous properties in hardwood plywood panel products making them the quality solution for your project,

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