Xuzhou Mega Industries High Quality China Plywood Manufacturer

Plywood packing

Packaging prevents panels from being damaged during transportation.


Sheets of plywood are packed into bundles. Each bundle is packed from all sides in covers* and is tightened with polyester/ steel bands.

Cardboard, fiberboard or plywood are used for protecting bundles top / bottom and edges.

We pack the plywood according to our customers’s requirements ,most common packing materials types are :

No.1 Carton Packing

No.2 Thin plywood Packing

No.3 MDF or Particle Board Packing

Shipment types :

No.1 Container Shipping

No.2 Breakbulk Veseel

No.3 Loose Packing in Container Shipment

No.4 Domestic Simple Packing Transportation


Each plywood bundle has label consisting the following information:

  • Plywood manufacturer: Mill identification
  • Plywood product type Birch, softwood, filmfaced
  • Dimensions: width x length х thickness mm
  • Glue type: WBP, MR
  • Surface quality for birch plywood: sanded, unsanded; for film-faced plywood: color and density of film
  • Volume of bundle in m3
  • Number of sheets in a bundle
  • Production / Packing date
  • Certifications

Container capacity

The loading container capacities of various plywood panels are given in the table.