Xuzhou Mega Industries High Quality China Plywood Manufacturer



XUZHOU MEGA INDUSTRIES  is made up of dedicated staff with more than 10 years of experience in the wood based production, from the production line all the way up to the management personnel, to the export of wood products around the world.

We have vast knowledge from the management of forest land and the extraction of logs to the production of wood products, namely timber and panel products. We are always evolving to serve our customer’s needs and to provide them with reliable, consistent products that can meet the ever changing market.

Our team of specialist marketers will provide accurate, full set of shipping documents in a timely manner to ensure all our cargoes clear the port of destination effortlessly. We kept all records and documents, tracing the panels from the forests all the way to the port of destination.

We are aware and adhere to Lacey Act (ISF ),EUTR and ILPAR Regulations. We will provide all necessary documents to ensure our partners are not burdened by unnecessary regulatory charges against them by their respective governing bodies.