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Melamine Boards PB/MDF/Plywood (4’ x 8’ & 6’ x 8’)

Melamine Boards (4’ x 8’ & 6’ x 8’)
Melamine Plywood
Compact Laminates
Phenolic Boards
Acrylic Boards & Sheets
Veneer Wood SkinRaw Boards – PB/MDF/Plywood

Melamine Wall Panels (4’ x 8’ & 6’ x 8’)
Melamine Slat Walls (4’ x 8’ & 6’ x 8’)
Solid Surface (Slabs, Countertops, Tabletops)
Membrane Doors
Rigid PVC Sheets
Melamine and Plastic Edge- Banding Tapes

Cutting, Grooving, Boring and Edge- Banding services are also offered.


Hardwood Faced Plywood 2440x1220x18mm

– 18mm / 3/4″

– 8x4ft

– Our most popular grade of plywood

– A high quality hardwood face with a softwood core

– Suitable for flooring, roofing, panelling, casings and under ceramic tiles

F17 FORMPLY 1800*1200mm

Untreated plywood provides strong support for the forming of concrete walls, floors, roofs, frames and civil engineering structures. This Hardwood structural plywood has both side hard durable resin impregnated film surface, to give concrete a smooth finish. With a durable A-Type Marine bond it can withstand the rigours of construction moisture. Offers a class 2 finish on the first pour while high quality outer veneers make it durable and reusable.

  • Australian certified
  • Hard resin impregnated paper surface
  • Durable A type marine bond
  • Ideal for forming the structure of concrete walls, floors, roofs, frames and other civil engineering applications

F17 FORMPLY, A-BOND GLUE, Structure formply,Australian Standard,REUSEABLE

3.Glue:100% Phenolic.Bond Type A.
4.Film:Black film with logo ’F17‘‘AS/NZS2269’.

Overlay Grade Hardwood Plywood

Overlay Grade Hardwood Plywood


Standard: Follow AS 2271 and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard)

Our Overlay Grade Plywood is manufactured to AS/NZ 2271 and JAS standards.

Overlay Grade Plywood is non-structural and can be used where a high quality finish application is required.

Although Overlay Grade Plywood is classified as non-structural plywood it is very strong due to the natural strength grade of hardwood.

Overlay Grade Plywood uses A bond glue (Exterior Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin).

The Prefect Plywood For CNC Routing

Premium Birch Plywood is the leading plywood product for exceptional architectural and joinery applications. It is the premium designer plywood and CNC laser plywood in the market. Besides that, birch plywood can be used in the manufacturing industry where requires high quality plywood. We are the Chinese alternative to Russian brands like Sveza and Wisa Plywood.

As a plywood manufacturer in China, we produce birch plywood with Russian birch veneer. You have have 3-25mm birch plywood with various sizes.

Birch plywood has high density & strength with excellent stiffness and high rigidity. This product has a warm, light coloured appearance and grain detail, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications including furniture, shopfitting, wall and ceiling finishing, joinery solutions, film faced plywood, truck flooring plywood. Birch plywood is the perfect material for furniture, upholstery, shelving, shopfitting, joinery solutions, bench tops, CNC routing projects, laminated products and internal/external signage.

  • Strong and Sturday
  • Stable Size
  • Even Thickness
  • Void-Free
  • Low Formaldehyde

Birch Plywood Specifications

Size1220*2440mm, or customized
CoreBaltic Birch
FaceBaltic Birch
GlueMelamine UF, Phenol UF
Surface TreatmentRaw Birch Veneer, UV, Film Face.
Product OriginChina

Specialist Slip-Resistant Panels Plywood

wire mesh anti slip plywood. Its structural quality makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is easily worked, plus has good weather and chemical resistance. Edges are sealed.

Available from stock in a wide range of thicknesses. FSC certified.

Face: 120g/m² or 220g/m² Dark Brown wire mesh pattern phenolic film face
Reverse: Smooth dark brown phenolic film

Thickness: 6.5 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27 mm
Sizes: 1220 x 2440 / 2500, 1250 x 2500 mm

Typical Applications:
Commercial vechicle flooring and decking
Trailer and van floors
Horseboxes and horse trailers
Military vehicles
Railway wagons and carriages
Scaffold platforms, hoists, trestles, steps, walkways
Stages, ramps, pontoons, bridge decking
Playground and sports equipment, climbing walls
Exhibition trailers, temporary event flooring, marquee flooring
Narrowboat decking and boat building
Joinery, shopfitting and construction
Agricultural buildings, animal pens,
Horticulture storage racks / trolley shelving
Trench covers and civil engineering

Jumbo-size (scarf-joints) plywood

Jumbo Plywood is our exclusive range of big size poplar plywood. With our proprietary technology, we are now able to deliver panels with unique sizes.
Jumbo Plywood is made with light weight italian poplar wood, and is ideal for special applications where big areas are needed to be covered with one unique piece, or to reduce waste. For certain applications it’s the most economic way to replace solid timber.
The outer and inner layers are poplar veneer sheets. They are symmetrically cross-bonded. The grain of the outer surfaces may be either in the direction of the greater size of the panel (long-grain plywood – Picture 1) or in the direction of the smaller size (cross-grain plywood – Picture 2). In either cases the first size indicated is that of the grain direction.
Class 1 (UF): Dry ambient (For use in a normal internal environment).
Class 2 (MUF): Humid ambient (For use in protected external applications).
about 400-420 Kg/m3
Classification according to the condition of surfaces
I / II
I / IV
mm. 1870 x 5150
mm. 1870 x 4100
mm. 1870 x 3700
mm. 2120 x 3120
mm. 3120 x 2120
mm. 3050 x 1220
mm. 3050 x 1300
other sizes upon request
mm. 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 38, 40
other thicknesses on request
Upon request, this product is available with FSC-CoC certification.
Furniture, door and windows frames, cabinet making (also large pieces), educational building tools, carpentry and packaging, car industry.


Triplay de madera de pino radiata, unido con adhesivo fenolico, ideal para cimbra.Caras de las chapas exteriores CD. Uso recomendado para estructura de construccion y/o mobiliario

Triplay fabricado con chapas de madera de pino radiata colocadas en forma perpendicular en el sentido de las fibras, con adhesivo fenolico obteniendo un tablero de superficie lisa y alta resistencia. No lijado. Uso recomendado para estructura de construccion, cimbra no aparente y aplicaciones estructurales. ¿Encontraste información incorrecta del producto?

Largo244 cmAncho122 cm
Profundidad0.1 cmDiámetro.1 cm
Espesor15 mmMaterialTriplay para construccion
ColorMaderaAcabado material0
Acabado0Peso24.11 kg
Garantía proveedor0Modelo
Capacidad / tamaño0Alto244 cm