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Chinese Commercial Plywood


SIZESDimensions1220×2440 mmThickness11 | 11.5 | 3 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 12 | 15 | 18 | 21 | 9
MATERIALSFaceBintangor A | Bintangor B | Local A | Local B | Okume A | Okume BBackBintangor A | Bintangor B | Local A | Local B | Local C | Okume A | Okume BColorNatural Wood ColorWood SpeciesMixed Tropical WoodCore GradeMixed GradeGlue TypeMR Standard
PERFORMANCEApplicationPacking | PaddingFormaldehyde EmissionsE1 | E2Moisture Content15Density400

Chinese Commercial Plywood

Commercial Plywood comprised of multiple plies of wood veneer giving it high stability, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is usually use for furniture, room decoration, construction, packing and so on.


Face/Back:Bintangor, Okoume, Red wood, Keruing, Red Pencil Cedar, Teak, Pine, Poplar, Eucalyptus,  Birch,  Meranti, Red Oak, Ash, Cherry, Sepele, Maple, Walnut,etc.
Core:Poplar, Hardwood, Combination(mix poplar and hardwood) ,etc.
Glue:E1, E2, MR, Melamine, Phenolic WBP
Size:1220mmx2440mm(4’x8’),1250mmx2500mm(4.1’x8.2’), 915mmx2135mm(3’x7’),etc.
Grade:BB/BB, BB/CC, C+/C,C/D

CHINESE Commercial Plywood

Commercial Plywood
Size: 1220x2440mm(4’x8′), 1250x2500mm, 915×1830(3’x6′) or as per your requirement
Thickness: 2mm ~ 25mm 
Glue: WBP, E1, E2, M.R. Glue
Bonding Strength:≥0.7Mpa
Moisture Content: 6~14%
Number of Plies: from 3 to 15 depending on thickness
Core: Poplar, Hardwood, Birch, Combined
Face/Back: Okoume, sapele, Bintangor, Red cedar, pine etc
Packing: Loose Packing or Standard Export Pallet Packing

Chinese Commercial Plywood ,Malaysian Commercial Plywood

Type of CoreBirch / Hardwood / Combi / Poplar / Pine
Type of GlueWBP  / MR 
Face / Back VeneerMeranti / Bintangor / Okoume/pencil cedar ,Sapele ,Birch POPLAR / Pine etc.
Thickness2.0mm to 25mm
Panel Size4’x8’ / 3’x7’ / 6’x12’ etc.

Chinese Commercial Plywood ,Malaysian Commercial Plywood,Linyi Commercial plywood,China Commercial plywood ,Xuzhou commercial plywood

Standard Size; 4’ x 8’ & 3’ x 7’
Thickness; 3.6mm; 5.2mm; 9mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm

This is the most commonly used wooden board made of quality timber of which the core and outer layers are bonded with urea formaldehyde resin. It is the prime raw material in the furniture manufacturing industry with excellent features for laminating, painting and joinery works, widely used for paneling, interior decoration and in fabrication of storage units, generally recommended for in-house applications only.

Commercial Plywood Ordinary Plywood

Commercial Plywood Ordinary Plywood

Commercial Plywood Ordinary Plywood

As a traditional rules ,most of the middle east markets call the regular plywood such as okoume ,bingtangor commercial plywood .This is the second big volume plywood ship to the GCC and other middle east markets ,also to the africa markets .

All our commercial plywood are two times hot pressing ,smoothly sanded both sides ,calibrated thickness ,selected good poplar veneer and thick red face veneer ,E0 interior Glue good for decoration and furniture housing .




We are producing and shipping big volume commercial plywood to these markets such as Dubai United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia, The Gulf States,Nigeria,oman,tanzania,africa,qatar,kenya,ghana,kuwait,saudi,arabia,dubai,bahrain,gulf,muscat

  • a panel consisting of thin layers of wood glued perpendicular to each other to provide strength and stiffness.
  • resistant to cracking, shrinkage, warping and twisting.
Available sizes:
· 2.5mm (1/8 x 4” x 8’) – may be used for ceilings and walls.
· 4.0mm (3/16 x 3” x 7’) – economical in the fabrication of flush  doors.
· 5.0mm (1/4 x 3” x 7’)- commonly used in the fabrication of flush doors.
· 2.2mm (1/8 x 4” x 8’) – used for curved walls or curved surfaces.
· 4mm (3/16 x 4” x 8’) – commonly used for ceiling cladding.
· 5mm (1/4 x 4” x 8’) – commonly used for wall sheathing/cladding.
· 8mm (3/8 x 4” x 8’) – cabinet, concreting forms
· 9mm (3/8 x 4” x 8’)
· 10mm (1/2 x 4” x 8’) – used in cabinetworks, tables, counters, and other fixtures and furniture.
· 18mm (3/4 x 4” x 8’) – used as floor sheathing, as well as in cabinetworks, tables, counters and other fixtures and furniture.

Commercial Plywood Ordinary Plywood

Commercial Plywood Ordinary Plywood

Commercial Plywood1