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Packaging Plywood China,Indonesia,Malaysia,India,Brazil,Chile,Russia,Finland,Chinese

Packaging Plywood China,Indonesia,Malaysia,India,Brazil,Chile,Russia,Finland,Chinese

Keruing (100% Hard Wood)
100% Eco Friendly, High Density – Hardwood
35mm:1000 x 1000mm, 0950 x 0950mm, 0850 x 0800mm
30mm:1000 x 1000mm, 0950 x 0950mm, 0850 x 0800mm
24mm:1000 x 1000mm, 0950 x 0950mm, 0850 x 0800mm,
0850 x 0850mm, 0800 x 0800mm, 0750 x 0820mm,
0725 x 0725mm
20mm:0725 x 0725mm, 0720 x 0720mm, 0715 x 0715mm,
0700 x 0700mm, 0620 x 0675mm, 0600 x 0670mm,
0600 x 0600mm
18mm:0715 x 0715mm, 0700 x 0700mm, 0620 x 0675mm,
0620 x 0620mm, 0610 x 0610mm, 0600 x 0600mm,
0550 x 0550mm, 0440 x 0440mm, 0400 x 0400mm,
0360 x 0360mm, 0320 x 0320mm, 0485 x 0485mm,
0495 x 0495mm
16mm:0440 x 0440mm, 0360 x 0360mm, 0550 x 0550mm

Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Russia Baltic Birch plywood Made in China

We Produce Baltic Birch plywood because of several reasons:

  1. Birch is very strong material. Plywood made of birch is extremely hard and stable material providing extraordinary technical features.
  2. Appearance of Russian (Baltic) birch is very attractive and suitable for furniture and decoration.
  3. Holding strength of Baltic birch plywood is real good.

By glue.
– Exterior (WBP meaning Water Boiled Proof) or
– Interior (MR meaning Moisture Resistant) glues.
In both cases formaldehyde emission is E1 and in most cases CARB Phase 2 certified

By sizes
Available sizes are:

  • 1525*1525 mm (5’*5’)
  • 1220*2440 mm or 1250*2500 mm long and short grain  (4’*8’)
  • 1525*3050 mm or 1500*3000 mm short grain (5’*10’)
  • Cut To Size is an option to be discussed

China Commercial Plywood, Chinese Ordinary Plywood

China Commercial Plywood, Chinese Ordinary Plywood

Commercial Plywood is widely used for making furniture, wardrobes, doors, boxes, etc.

Plywood is usually constructed of rotary veneers so that the direction of the grain in one veneer is at the right angles to the adjoining veneer. There are usually an odd number of veneer layers in plywood construction.

Thickness   :  4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm & 18mm
Sheet Size  :  4’ X 8’
Glue              :  MR & WBP
Core              :  Birchwood, Hardwood, Combi & Poplar.
Origin           :